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What actually is Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ & why is it so unique?

Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ is a targeted cytokine therapy product. The Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system is the first commercially-available systemic (whole-body) regenerative equine treatment derived from a unique provisionally-patented system of processing autologous blood. This means that it is the only regenerative product that is currently commercially available that has been designed for systemic (whole-body) use. This means it is either injected into the muscle or vein by your vet as opposed to into the injury site (local use).

The primary type of cell that is involved in the healing of our bodies are called “cytokines”. These cytokines are also sometimes referred to as growth factors or healing factors. The uniqueness of the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system lies in its ability to target and harvest 4-6 very specific “good” cytokines that are instrumental in healing whilst simultaneously filtering out all the “bad” cytokines that cause damage and inflammation. Given that the body does not usually release these healing factors unless there is a very high level of inflammation present, our system is able to do so in a safe way outside of the horse’s body before an injury and its associated inflammation happens. Through this, we are able to create an affordable natural (non-doping) regenerative product that leverages off the body’s ability to heal itself.

What benefits can one expect from Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™?

To date we have processed over 2 000 injections. The most common feedback we receive in terms of how horses have benefited from Regenesis Vet™ is outlined below:

  • Improvement in condition, coat and muscle tone
  • Improved immune and stress related responses
  • Improved suppleness and soundness
  • Less frequent use of invasive treatments (e.g. Intra-articular injections)
  • Improved performance
  • Faster recovery after exercise

Although Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ has been shown to be beneficial for many horses, please note that it is not a substitute for a balanced diet, a good farrier, a suitable work programme, physio, issue-specific injections or a holistic management program designed by your vet.

Is my horse suited to Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™?

It is best to discuss with your veterinarian as to the suitability of Regenesis Vet™ for your horse. Find the full list of our partnering veterinarians here.

Is Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ doping free?

Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ meets the non-doping criteria as per the guidelines from the FEI & Jockey Club.

NOTE: If Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ is processed with blood that contains traces of controlled or banned substances and is then re-administered ahead of competition there may be doping related consequences. Please always consult with your veterinarian to ensure that the blood from your horse that is used to process any all Regenesis Vet™ treatments is “clean” and free from any competition-prohibited substances.

How often does my horse need to receive Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™??

The frequency of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ treatments may differ from horse to horse. Some vets may choose to put horses on a once-off course, whilst others may advise that horses receive Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ on a monthly basis.

It is imperative that you work with your veterinarian to design a Regenesis Vet™ treatment plan that is tailor-made to you and your horse’s needs. This is to ensure that the maximum benefit is derived from the treatments on a case-by-case basis. Find the full list of our partnering veterinarians here.

Is Regenesis Vet™ a Veterinarian or a Vet Practice?

No, Regenesis Vet™ is not a veterinarian or a vet practice. Regenesis Vet™ is a division of Novita Biotechnology™, a medical device company registered with SAHPRA, that specialises in cutting edge affordable niche healthcare products. Please note, Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ is exclusively available through veterinarians.  Find the full list of our partnering veterinarians here.

Are there any risks associated with Regenesis Vet™?

Although autologous blood products are generally considered very safe, with any medical procedure, there is always the risk of side effects. As with many treatments, Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ can illicit an immune response within the horse’s body and as such, although uncommon, minor side effects can occur. It is for this reason that it is imperative that your vet is involved in the administration of any and all treatments such that should any side effects occur, they can be appropriately managed.

For more information on adverse events and the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of them occurring please read the full prescribing information here.

Can I use Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ instead of supplements?

Regenesis Vet™ has been extensively used as an alternative to oral joint and muscle supplements by many. In order to see the success of Regenesis Vet™ as a supplement replacer, see our testimonials here. Please consult with your vet to ensure that Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ would be a suitable alternative and/or additive to your horse’s current supplement regime.

How does Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ differ to other regenerative treatments/ orthobiologics? (IRAP, PRP, Platelet Lysate, Stem Cells)?

There are various differences between Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ and other Regenerative treatments. The first difference lies in its intended route of administration. Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ has been designed, developed and tested for systemic (whole-body) use. This means that Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ has been designed for administration into the body through a vein and/or muscle as per your vet’s recommendation. The Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ product differs substantially from other regenerative products. Other regenerative products that are available are described below after which their differences to Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ are highlighted.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) systems are solely focused on obtaining and concentrating as many platelets from the blood as possible. These platelets are then injected into or surrounding an injury site where they slowly release various growth factors over ± 7 days after they have been injected. Unfortunately, in many cases, either a threshold number of platelets are not harvested or most of the platelets die shortly following injection. This unfortunately often leads to very inconsistent results. Another problem with PRP is the lack of consistently in the amount and type of healing and growth factors released by the platelets. It is not uncommon for too many pro-inflammatory factors to be released which leads to a strong inflammatory response and a huge amount of pain. PRP cannot be given intravenously due to the risk of clotting being too high.
Another regenerative treatment to consider is Platelet Lysate. Traditional Platelet Lysate is made from a freeze-thaw process that aims to lyse ALL the growth factors from the platelets. Unfortunately, platelets house both “good” anti-inflammatory growth factors as well as “bad” pro-inflammatory growth factors. With traditional platelet lysate systems, one risks harvesting an overabundance of “bad” growth factors as one is unable to control which growth factors are harvested with these systems. In extreme cases, this could lead to a cytokine storm. Too many bad growth factors can lead to an unbalanced growth factor profile in a patient which may result in long-term adverse outcomes such as the growth of cancer, increased inflammation and disease progression. There are however a small number of very sophisticated platelet lysate systems in parts of the world that do show promise for intra-articular treatment of very specific injuries but at an exorbitant expense. These systems make use of artificial intelligence and expensive filtering and treatment techniques of the final product to try reduce these risks associated with an overabundance of pro-inflammatory growth factors.
Interlukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein (IRAP) is one of the more sophisticated regenerative treatments available. This product makes use of advanced technology to harvest a very some specific regenerative and anti-inflammatory cytokines from horses blood. However, the cytokines targeted by IRAP are only effective when injected into the site of injury where they bind to the interleukin-1 receptors. This in turn suppresses the action of the chemicals that are responsible for ongoing pain, inflammation and lameness. Through this mechanism of action, IRAP is only suited for intra-articular use.
Stem cells are cells that have the ability to develop into various different types of cells in the body. Unlike the other abovementioned treatments that are harvested from circulating blood- stem cells are usually harvested from embryos (embryonic stem cells), bone marrow/fat (adult stem cells) or amniotic fluid (perinatal stem cells). In a regenerative medicine setting, stem cells have the ability to generate healthy cells to replace diseased cells. At this stage, stem cells are incredibly expensive, have a very limited availability and low to moderate success rate.
So how is Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ fundamentally different to the above? As we can see, with our other blood derived regenerative products a key issue is the lack of consistency between the cytokines that are harvested and the risks that come with an overabundance of the “bad” pro-inflammatory cytokines. Not only is the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ the only one of these treatments that can be given systemically (through the vein/muscle), but it is also the only product that overcomes the abovementioned challenges. Being a systemic product, the treatment also is significantly less risky than injecting directing into a joint and therefore has little to no downtime.

What research has been done on Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system?

The Regenesis Vet™  system has been undergoing continuous research and development for nearly five years now since the first generation of the product in early 2018. The system was only officially commercialized in late 2020 after nearly three years of research and development. Our research and development is currently headed up by leading biomedical scientist Dr Judey Pretorius (PhD Drug Development & Design).

In terms of research, the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system has been researched and subsequently developed by a number of leading biomedical scientists. Both our own R&D team, independent accredited third party researchers and university researchers have been able to validate that the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system is capable of concentrating a number of “good” cytokines whilst filtering out most of the “bad” ones through extensive growth factor panel testing. This involves testing a panel of 20-30 growth factors across numerous samples (horses) and both measuring and quantifying the increase or decrease in certain growth factors in the end product. Through this, we have been able to prove that our system consistently raises the 4-6 of the “good” growth factors that we target by a statistically significant amount whilst simultaneously filtering out almost all the “bad” ones.

Both the extensive in-vitro testing that has been completed along with the current clinical research that is being conducted is expected to be published in various academic during the course of 2022.

How do I get hold of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™?

Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ is exclusively available through veterinarians. Please contact your vet directly to get hold of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ for your horse. Find the full list of our partnering veterinarians here. Please always ask your vet directly if they are able to assist you with the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™  product as this list is NOT complete list of partnering veterinarians.

My Vet does not currently offer Regenesis Vet™. Can I still get it for my horse?

We encourage all owners to try keep their horse’s treatments with their normal treating vet. Should your vet not offer Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™, we will gladly make contact with them to discuss the possibility of offering it in their practice going forward. Should this be the case, please email us at info@regenesisvet.com.

I am a veterinarian and would be interested in offering Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ in my practice going forward. How do I go about doing so?

Please email us at info@regenesisvet.com and we will gladly assist you.

Why has none of the research done on the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ product been published to date?

Although an extensive amount of research has been done on the product, no research has been published to date due to patent law. Patent law prohibits publishing any research until at the very least a provisional patent has been filed for the product in question. With the provisional patent filed in November 2021, the provisionally-patented Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ kit was made available for sale for the first time in December 2021 (replacing the older and much less sophisticated Regenesis Vet™ EGF product). Due to these developments, a large proportion of the research that has been done along with research that is currently ongoing will be published during the course of 2022. Both Novita Biotechnology™ and Regenesis Vet™ are committed to continuously conducting research and improving their product offerings.

Do yo have any videos i can watch to better understand the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ product and how it is processed?

Please see the following video on what Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ is and how is works below:
Watch Video

Please also see the below video on how the processing of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ works:
Watch Video

Have any studies been done to identify and quantify the type and amount of cytokines (growth factors) in the end product of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™?

Yes, extensive in vitro testing has been conducted to identify both the type and to quantify the number of various cytokines in the end product of the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™. This has been done through extensive growth factor panel testing using advanced ELISA kits and analysis software. Throughout all in vitro testing a placebo has been used for control purposes to ensure the results we are getting are statistically significant. These results have now also been validated by an accredited third party University laboratory who has replicated a significant amount of our testing in order to validate our results.

These results have been validated by running a number of growth factor panels of 15-20 growth factors at one time. Through this, we have been able to prove that we can consistently target the same 4-6 growth factors which is verifiable by those targeted growth factors increasing by a statistically significant amount each time as measured by the ELISA kit and its associated analysis software. Simultaneously, just like we can measure and quantify the good cytokines, the same has been done with the bad ones. Through this along with inflammatory marker studies we have also been able to validate that the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ kit minimizes the proportion of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the end sample. This is data we intend on publishing along with the clinical research once completed during the course of 2022.

Has Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ been tested for intra-articular use?

At this stage, no testing has been done by Novita Biotechnology™ or Regenesis Vet™ into the intra-articular use of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™.

How do you guarantee the the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ processing kit and its components are sterile?

All components of the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ processing kit that are sealed in the blister tray are sterile. The method of sterilization is outlined in the package insert which can be found here. Notably, the R.I.A.D™ processing tubes are gamma irradiated to ensure sterility and the final glass vials where products are stored are both sterilized via steam and gamma irradiation. Once assembled and sealed by an ISO11607 compliant sealer, the final kit it then sterilized again via gamma irradiation. Through this, the sterility of the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ processing kit can be guaranteed for the shelf-life of the product.