RegVet-patented system


What is Regenesis EGF?

Regenesis Vet Equine Growth factors (EGF) product is a natural growth factor cocktail derived from a proprietary system of processing a horse’s own blood. Regenesis Vet EGF is designed to facilitate and accelerate healing and recovery in horses whilst also promoting overall wellbeing. Used in orthopaedic practice to promote healing after surgery, support tendon healing and cartilage repair, Regenesis Vet EGF offers powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and regenerative properties.

Regenesis Vet EGF makes use of advanced Growth Factor therapy through the company’s proprietary activation agent enzyme solution. Growth factor therapy makes use of specific growth factors that carefully extracted from the blood to stimulate healing and aid in the regeneration of injured or damaged tendons, ligaments and joints. Thanks to the proprietary activation agent enzyme solution developed by Regenesis Vet, the above can be achieved without damaging the desired growth factors. Once the process is complete, a concentrated can be extracted which is rich in the targeted growth factors. The finished product promotes faster and better healing, a better immune response and quicker recovery after exercise. This FEI Legal and Jockey Club compliant treatment can be administered immediately or frozen for later use as per the recommendation of your vet.

The product can either be administrated in a course of 2 – 4 injections, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, or on a continuous basis as a regenerative maintenance treatment. When used prior to travel or an event, a once-off injection is usually sufficient as this will support performance and stamina. It is important that any Regenesis treatment plan is tailor-made specifically to your horse by your vet in order to ensure that the maximum value is derived from the treatment.


  • Accelerates healing
  • Facilitates repair
  • Supports the immune system
  • Safe and effective
  • Complement to other more invasive treatments

To learn more about how Regenesis Vet EGF differs to other regenerative treatments, see our FAQ page.

The Regenesis Vet Processing Kit is regulated as a Class B IVD medical device by SAHPRA and is held under Novita Biotechnology’s SAHPRA License. Novita Biotechnology is registered with SAHPRA as a manufacturer, distributor, importer and exporter of medical devices.



Contact your vet to discuss the suitability of Regenesis Vet for your horse. To find out which veterinary practices currently offer our products, please click here.

Should it be agreed that your horse is a suitable candidate for Regenesis, your vet will book a processing time slot that is suitable for everyone. We will come meet you and your vet with all the necessary processing equipment at your yard, or at the vets practice as decided.


Your vet will draw 20-60mL of blood depending on how many treatments need to be processed. On average, 20mLs of blood is needed per treatment.

The blood is then placed in processing tubes containing our unique proprietary enzyme solution and then centrifuged for approximately 12 minutes.


The processed treatments will be extracted from the tubes and placed in sterile glass vials. Treatments not administered immediately can be frozen for later use.

On completion of the process, your vet will provide you with a Regenesis Vet treatment plan that is tailor-made to your horse. We advise that any injections given are done so by your vet or under strict veterinary supervision.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that Regenesis Vet is available exclusively through veterinarians. Please contact us should you require any further information or have any questions regarding the availability of our products.