What is Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ and how does it work ?

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Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ is a targeted cytokine therapy product. These cytokines are also known as growth factors and/or healing factors. The Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ product is the first commercially available systemic regenerative equine treatment in the world designed from a unique provisionally- patented system of processing autologous blood. This means that it is the only regenerative product that is currently commercially available that has been designed for systemic (whole-body) use. This means it is either injected into the muscle or vein by your vet as opposed to into the injury site (local use).

So how does it work? Science has shown us that, as mammals, our bodies have an incredible ability to heal itself. The primary type of cell that is involved in the healing of our bodies are called “cytokines”. These cytokines are also sometimes referred to as growth factors or healing factors. There are hundreds of cytokines and each of them have different functions and they often work in pairs or groups to achieve a certain result.

Unfortunately, not all cytokines are as good as each other. There are also some cytokines that are much more important than others when it comes to injuries and healing. The “good” cytokines are your anti-inflammatory cytokines and are responsible for shutting down inflammation and encouraging healing. These cytokines are often also involved in other important process such as stem cell signalling. Unfortunately, there are also are a number of “bad” cytokines which are called pro-inflammatory cytokines. These cytokines essentially ‘feed’ inflammation and try create more of it. These cytokines are incredibly destructive and slow down your healing.

Now why is this important? In the ideal world, one wants as many as possible of the “good” anti-inflammatory cytokines that have strong healing properties and as little as possible of the “bad” cytokines that cause pain and inflammation. There are some cytokines that fall in the middle of the spectrum such as leukocytes which have both good and bad properties, but these middle of the spectrum cytokines are not usually a massive cause for concern.

Science tells us that the body and blood only has a certain capacity of “good” and “bad” cytokines and healing factors in it. However, with all of the healing factor capacity the body has, only a small amount of it is readily available in a healthy horse at any one time. Only when the horse gets injured and a large amount of inflammation is present does the body send signals to get more of these healing factors released and made readily available in the bloodstream.

Therefore, if we cannot “create” more healing factors, how do we make more of the good healing factors readily available for the horse to use? This is where the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system is so unique. The system is essentially able to simulate a catastrophic amount of inflammation in a very safe way outside of the horse’s body in our specialized one-of-a-kind processing tubes. Through doing this, we can ‘trick’ the blood into thinking that the horse it came from is seriously injured. This in turn causes the blood the release a number of different healing factors. However, the process does not end here. Our unique processing tubes make use of recombinant protein diluent technology to target 4-6 very specific good healing factors during this process that are known to be instrumental in the healing cascade following injury. The end result is that you have a 5 fold+ increase in a very specific group of the really good healing factors whilst almost all of the other not-so-good healing factors are filtered out. Now as important as concentrating and harvesting the “good” healing factors are, it is arguably even more important to filter out the “bad” growth factors. This is where almost all of the other systems fall short. There is a growing body of research that suggests that an unbalanced growth factor profile caused by an inconsistent product, or a product that can have too many pro-inflammatory growth factors (such as traditional freeze-thaw platelet lysate) – can lead to bad growth factors growing bad things like cancer and inflammation which can lead to disease progression. Therefore, the value of a standardized, extensively tested product where the cytokine profile has been measured and quantified is unparalleled.

To this end, the latest generation of the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system has been researched and subsequently developed by a number of leading biomedical scientists. Both our own R&D team and independent accredited third party researchers have been able to validate that the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ system is capable of concentrating the “good” cytokines whilst filtering out the “bad” ones through extensive growth factor panel testing. This involves testing a panel of 20-30 growth factors across numerous samples (horses) and both measuring and quantifying the increase or decrease in certain growth factors in the end product. Through this, we have been able to prove that our system consistently raises the 4-6 “good” growth factors that we target by a statistically significant amount whilst simultaneously filtering out almost all the “bad” ones.

So why would you want to put more “good” healing factors into the horse’s body if it is not injured?

Since the beginning of time horses have been animals of prey. Due to survival of the fittest in the wild, horses (just like all other animal of prey) could not be seen to be weak or injured as this would make them an easy target for predators. It is for this reason that horses’ bodies are designed to hide injuries until they cannot hide them anymore – only then do they become symptomatic (e.g. lame). This means that horses often end up with injuries that seem “fresh” but are actually chronic injuries due to compensation or degeneration that has occurred over a longer time period.

Now the problem is that until such time that the injury is bad enough and a significant amount of inflammation is present, the body does not get the kick start or influx of healing factors that it needs to efficiently start the healing process. This is why so many injuries turn end up as chronic injuries in the first place as the body has not had the resources available to it to start the healing process when the injury first occurs. Therefore, because the horse is designed to hide any sign of pain for as long as possible, we often continue working our horses not realizing that there is an injury that the horse is hiding from us that is getting progressively worse with time. Therefore, it is only when the horse gets seriously injured and one has a significant level of inflammation that the body makes available the healing factors needed to heal the injury. However, during this process the body often releases both the “good” and “bad” healing factors in response to the level of inflammation. The presence of these “bad” healing factors often cause even more inflammation and are the reason why injuries often look like they are getting worse before they get better.

But what if you could proactively put more of the really “good” healing factors into the body BEFORE the horse gets injured? That way if the horse started with a minor injury, instead of its body being unable to heal itself and it progressing to a much worse injury, the body would already have a lot of the very good stuff that it needs to heal itself, before the threshold amount of inflammation usually needed is even reached! This means that healing can take place proactively and start much sooner than it normally would be able to do so. This is precisely what the Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ product is designed to do and why it is so powerful as a preventative tool for sports horses.

Through the products mechanism of action explained above, other benefits that have been reported from the 2 000+ Regenesis Vet™ injections that have been administered to date are as follows; faster recovery after exercise + competition, improved coat, condition and muscle tone and quicker recovery after injury. The improved quality of healing following various injuries have also been notable.

Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ can be given as a once-off injury recovery course or continuously on a 4-8 week basis as a maintenance treatment. It is recommended that any treatment program is tailored to your horse by your vet. Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ meets the non doping criteria of both the FEI and Jockey club. See our dosing information, prescribing information, FAQ’s and website for more info.

The Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ Kit is regulated as a veterinary medical device by SAHPRA and is held under Novita Biotechnology’s SAHPRA License. Novita Biotechnology™ is registered with SAHPRA as a manufacturer, distributor, importer and exporter of medical devices.


The Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ processing kits are available exclusively through veterinarians. Each Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ kit has the necessary processing consumables to produce three complete treatments. This entire process can be done in as little as 30 minutes. Please see below an outline of what the process entails:



Contact your vet to discuss the suitability of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ for your horse. To find out which veterinary practices currently offer our products, please click here.

Should it be agreed that your horse is a suitable candidate for Regenesis Vet™, your vet will book a processing time slot that is suitable for everyone. Your vet will either come meet you with all the necessary processing equipment at your yard, or she/he will ask you to bring your horse to their practice for the processing to take place.


In order to begin the processing procedure, your vet will draw 20-60mL of blood depending on how many treatments need to be processed. Your vet may choose to draw all blood into one large 60mL syringe or into various 20mL syringes depending on their preference. Drawing of blood should always be done under aseptic conditions. On average, 20mLs of blood is needed per treatment.

Once the blood has been drawn, your vet will slowly and carefully place the blood in the unique The Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ processing tubes. Each Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D ™ kit comes with six processing tubes that allows for the production of three final treatments per kit (two processing tubes are needed to produce one final treatment). After the blood has been placed in the processing tubes it is then centrifuged for approximately 12 minutes.

NOTE: It is possible to use multiple kits to process more than three treatments for a horse in one go.


Once the centrifugation process is complete, the processed treatments will be extracted from the tubes and either administered immediately or placed in sterile glass vials which can be frozen for later use. For each two processing tubes that are processed one should receive one final treatment. More information on the dosing administration of Regenesis Vet™ is available in our Dosing and Administration document

NOTE: Please ensure you familiarize yourself with the full prescribing information found here along with all possible risks and side effects before the administration of any and all Regenesis Vet™ treatments.

On completion of the process, your vet will provide you with a Regenesis Vet™  treatment plan that is tailor-made to your horse. Please note that any and all Regenesis Vet™ treatments should always be done by your vet or under strict veterinary supervision.


How does the processing of Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ work?


• Each Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ treatment should be 15-20ml in volume
• Normal sterility standards should be adhered to when administering Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™
• Please familiarize yourself with the full list of warnings and contraindications in the prescribing information before proceeding with treatment
• Please note that it is strongly advised that all horses (especially those receiving Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ for the first time) are premedicated with Buscopan should be injected via intravenous (IV) injection
• Intravenous administration
o Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ should be administered very slowly and evenly at a rate no faster than 1mL/4 seconds via intravenous route of administration
o PLEASE NOTE: Faster injection rates increase the risk of an adverse event
• Intramuscular administration
o Regenesis Vet™ R.I.A.D™ should be administered very slowly and evenly at a rate no faster than 1mL/2 seconds via intramuscular route of administration
o The full treatment can be split evenly and injected at 2 different injection sites
• Treatments should be frozen within 2-3 hours of processing
• Treatments can be stored for up to 24 months provided the cold chain is not interrupted (kept frozen)
• Cold chain interruptions could adversely affect the quality of the product and the sterility
• Defrost at room temperature out of direct sunlight one hour before administration

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Regenesis Vet™ is available exclusively through veterinarians. Please contact us should you require any further information or have any questions regarding the availability of our products.